A few (maybe five or six) years ago, I bought Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, a game so big (and sometimes a little underrated, but that's my opinion, man.) that it didn't fitted in one DVD, and the things I learned playing it does not fit in my heart. I (childish as I was) took too long to finish it (I think the save rested in my Memory Card for a year before I decided to play it again). I was stuck at the battle before the disc swap, and I simply gave up. However, something called me.

About the friendship.

One of the reasons I felt the hunger to play it again was the characters. I missed them, but, above all the things, I missed the lace I made with them. I loved how they worked together, how they, even with the world falling apart, were still friends, and they surpassed all the perils together, as a team (I know many games have this kind of thing but, come on, Oni was the first I've played with this kind of emotional backstage). It taught me that you need to value your companions and friends, and, when times are shitty (and I'm going to admit, sometimes it's always shitty), I remember that my friends will still be there for me, and I need to be there for them.

About choices and sacrifices.

The game itself did not had a choice mechanic, but, in one of the last scenes of the game, after you've beaten the last Boss, Soki (aka blue), perceived that he had to make a choice, even though the "last bad guy" was beaten, evil would still be around. Nevertheless, he could stop it; he could put an end to it and make the world (or feudal Japan) a better, gorgeous place. And to do so he would need to make a choice, a choice and a sacrifice. He chose to sacrifice himself for a greater good, for an ideal, and I will, in a strange way, respect him (even though he is a video game character). Sometimes, my fellow friends, sacrifices are needed, and we need to make tuff decisions.


I remember, and every now and then, I re-watch the scenes after the fight, and I hope you guys find it as emotive and tear shedding as I do.