(Before I even start this thing I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that I'm new around here).

A few years ago I decided to play final fantasy XII. Having already played FF X I thought "Hey, I'm going to enjoy the hell outta this". But that did not happen, of course that I didn't understand anything of english, and I played games for the simply joy of killing things.

But I changed, and so did my interests.

The first thing I noticed when the game booted was "Holy s**t man, look at these graphics", the game looked cool as hell but the battling system was unlike any rpg I've played before. And that scared me.

The game was huge, and even though I have played little of it (less than I wanted, gotta admit) I could see how epic my adventure was going to be. But there was no adventure at all, I gave up after three hours, three eerie and delightful hours.

I'm giving it another chance because I feel it's time to, it's time to understand and create connections with the story and characters, it's time to root for some guys and hate another guys. It's Final Fantasy time.

While we are at this subject, is there a game you guys gave another chance and hated/loved it?